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    07 Jun 06:56 PM


    Morning Docket: 06.07.24

    * The 3-3-3 Court is stupid and always has been. [Balls and Strikes]n* Fifth Circuit uncharacteristically puts a stop to book banning craze. Kyle Duncan throws temper tantrum in dissent. [Bloomberg Law News]n* Google prevails in class action over AI training data. Because have you used Googles AI yet? There was no training. [Reuters]n* Sam Alito as Disney Princess makes a lot of sense actually. [Evan Hurst]n* Judge will not set aside verdicts in NRA self-dealing case. []n* Antitrust case against NFL Sunday Ticket underway. You can watch and follow along, but only if you have an incredibly niche satellite option and pay an exorbitant fee. [Law360]nThe post Morning Docket: 06.07.24 appeared first on Above the Law.n