“If you won’t, others won’t. If you will, others will”

Qoneqt intends to bring authenticity in communication between communities and Individuals online with real faces and not with bots or fake accounts.

Disclaimer: Application downloaded should be provided with all the permissions to work correctly. Permission for audio is required for adding audio files to post, permission for video is required for adding videos in post, permission for photos is required for adding pictures to post and permission to camera is required for adding profile/display picture of self. However, no permission will be misutilised for any tracking of users on this platform.

  • 1) Don’t use Qoneqt if you are not ready to verify yourself.
  • 2) 2 Level Verification is mandatory.
  • 3) Verification Level-1 will be done with your Identification details, once successful, all data except username, encrypted password and encrypted phone number are self destructed online.
  • 4) Verification Level-2 does not take any extra data from users.
  • 5) There are no Super Admins for Qoneqt, giving full rights to users and communities in regard to respective actions.
  • 6) Qoneqt will not use Bots or data manipulation on platform.
  • 7) Users who find some content objectionable can report.
  • 8) Illegal activities are prohibited.