Morning Docket: 06.05.24 - Qoneqt
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    05 Jun 06:56 PM


    Morning Docket: 06.05.24

    * ACLU suing Biden administration over new asylum rules that were basically the Trump Muslim ban... but for Latin America. [Axios]n* Linklaters pulls back from plan to just not pay partners what theyve earned if they decide to lateral. [ International]n* Trump asks judge to formally lift gag order now that there arent witnesses and jurors to intimidate. [Reuters]n* A profile of how two non-lawyers hold massive influence over the shape of the legal system now that the federal courts have stopped caring about law. [Bloomberg Law News]n* Strange bedfellows: Second Amendment conservatives are up in arms over the Hunter Biden prosecution. [Reason]n* Multiple state attorneys general demand ABA purge law school accreditation standards of diversity language so law school can be a safe space for white failsons again. []n* Democrats forcing vote to protect right to contraception... mostly to get Republicans on record voting against it. [NBC News]nThe post Morning Docket: 06.05.24 appeared first on Above the Law.n