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    04 Jun 06:56 PM


    Morning Docket: 06.04.24

    * Columbia Law Reviews board of directors took the whole website offline because the journal published an article from a Palestinian scholar. Its still down. [The Intercept]n* Summer associates getting trained in generative AI, which makes a lot of sense for wary firms because theyre already taking everything from summers with massive loads of salt. [Bloomberg Law News]n* Fake money begets fake tax obligations as FTX and the IRS propose tax settlement for about 10 cents on the dollar. [Law360]n* Bob Menendez to launch independent Senate campaign because trials cost gold bars. [Courthouse News Service]n* Partner launches age discrimination suit against former Biglaw firm. [ABA Journal]n* First day of Hunter Biden trial seems to confirm two things: he committed this crime and were wasting a lot of time and money on something that couldve been dispensed with by the original plea deal. [Reuters]n* Elie Mystal details Project 2025 and the prospect of a second Trump DOJ. [The Nation]nThe post Morning Docket: 06.04.24 appeared first on Above the Law.n