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    21 Mar 08:30 AM


    Facing backlash over ‘pure veg’ fleet, Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal promises to roll it back if…

    Zomato CEO clarified that the participation in the ‘pure veg’ delivery fleet will not discriminate on the basis of the delivery person's dietary choices.
    Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal on Tuesday issued a clarification amid backlash on social media over the food delivery company's new ‘pure veg fleet’, saying the feature strictly serves a dietary preference.

    In a post on X, Goyal said that the food sometimes spills into the delivery boxes and its smell travels to the next order.
    “For this reason, we had to separate the fleet for veg orders,” the Zomato CEO said.

    Goyal set off a storm on social media on Tuesday with his announcement of a dedicated fleet for the food delivery giant, sparking a contentious debate on X. The fleet is intended to exclusively serve orders from ‘pure veg’ restaurants, with deliveries made in distinctive green boxes.

    Source - Hindustan Times