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    Vikshita Vitthal Gujaran in News

    20 Mar 06:32 AM


    Zomato rolls back green uniforms after backlash. ‘You made us understand,’ says Deepinder Goyal

    A day after announcing the launch of a “pure veg” fleet for customers who have pure vegetarian dietary preferences, Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal said that the on-ground segregation of riders won’t be happening.

    In a post on X that he shared on March 20, Goyal said that all Zomato riders will be wearing the colour red, irrespective of which order they are delivering. Earlier, it was informed that the "pure veg" fleet will be wearing green while delivering orders.

    Citing valuable feedback from the customers, Goyal wrote, "While we are going to continue to have a fleet for vegetarians, we have decided to remove the on-ground segregation of this fleet on the ground using the colour green. All our riders — both our regular fleet, and our fleet for vegetarians, will wear the colour red."

    Source - Monay control