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    Harshit Arya in Artistic Words

    07 Mar 08:43 AM

    Love knows no bounds

    Every night, he found peace in gazing at the moon. One day, the moon questioned him, 'Why do you stare at me every day?' He replied, 'You remind me of her—her beauty, flaws, and aura. Each night, I share thoughts with you that I couldn't express to her.'

    The moon pondered, 'Don't they say that those who leave your world find themselves in the stars? Then why seek her in me?'
    He replied, 'She was unique, a bright and warm presence in this cold and cruel world. No star could match her.
    She was like a captivating book, absorbing me entirely. Yet cursed I am for I never reached the last chapter; there was so much more to discover, like that face which you 'moon' keep hidden from the earth.
    I never got to know which battles whe was fighting in that darkness l, but even if for a moment I helped her in those battles

    'I miss her,' he confessed, 'and I try to find her in you. And on the night of the new moon, loneliness engulfs me.'