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    Mohamed Azharuddin in News

    07 Mar 07:15 AM


    Hut 8 stock crash attracts multiple lawsuits

    While some lawsuits cater to individuals who suffered losses, others claim that all shareholders who purchased stocks during the timeframe are entitled to compensation.
    A number of law firms have offered to represent Hut 8 investors who recently incurred losses on the Nasdaq amid short-selling accusations.

    On Jan. 19, the share prices of Bitcoin mining firm Hut 8 tanked 23% — from $7.12 to $2.16 — after the release of an unverified J Capital report alleging insiders were preparing to dump Hut 8 stock. Hut 8 reviewed the report and, on Jan. 24, dismissed all allegations of short-selling. The company stated:

    “The report appears to represent a deliberate attempt to spread misinformation about Hut 8, its operations, finances, management practices, and key executives. The statements made by the short seller expose an inadequate, distorted understanding of the Company, its operations, and its key executives.”

    Source - Coin Telegraph