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    Anu T S in Crypto News

    06 Mar 12:10 PM


    Major content update arrives to Web3 action RPG with 50K monthly users

    Balancing engaging gameplay with a crypto-based economy is critical in Web3 gaming to ensure enjoyment doesn’t succumb to a pay-to-win mentality.
    Big Time Studios marries engaging gameplay with a crypto-based economy in its Web3 game, Big Time, emphasizing a player-first approach by rewarding participation with in-game collectibles and tokens.

    Web3 gaming seeks to attract users by presenting engaging gameplay and a player-focused in-game economy powered by crypto. The balance between gameplay and blockchain aspects is crucial to onboard players from broader demographics.

    If the integration of the crypto economy is too shallow, it risks underutilizing the potential benefits, such as digital asset ownership and the ability to trade the items you’ve crafted. Game developers must observe the impact of economic activities on the gaming experience and adjust accordingly to prevent one aspect from diminishing the other.

    Source -CoinTelegraph