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    06 Mar 08:04 AM


    Short Call | Bad news may hinder bulls; Zomato, PVR, IIFL Finance in focus; bears aim for JM Financial

    “The goal is to make good returns with less risk. Risk is not the same as volatility. It’s very hard to measure risk.” - Michael Price

    It is a well-known saying that liquidity is the mother's milk of a bull market. And it seems the flow is under threat, looking at the recent actions of regulators and investigative agencies. It started last week with Sebi flagging a froth building up in small and mid caps. A couple of days later the Enforcement Directorate raided a Dubai-based hawala operators and highlighted his dubious dealings in the stock market.

    The RBI first rapped IIFL Finance and then JM Financial. The latter action is even more worrying from a market standpoint as the central bank is seen to be clamping down on loans given for investing in the stock market. Murmurs are that more NBFCs could come under the RBI scanner in the days ahead.

    Source - Money Control