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    Mohamed Azharuddin in Health

    04 Mar 09:29 AM


    Can restoring gut health through diet, reduce cancer risk, prevent tumour? Know gut microbiome potential in cancer care

    Unlocking cancer prevention: Read on to explore the gut microbiome's role in reduction of cancer risk and prevention of tumorigenesis
    As per the World Health Organization (WHO), around 30–50% of all cancer cases are preventable and it is time we talk about this disease, especially the aspects that can help alleviate one’s risk of cancer because although there is widespread recognition of primary cancer risk factors such as tobacco use, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity and dietary habits, one often underestimated aspect relates to gut health, more specifically the gut microbiota. While conventional treatments remain vital, emerging research points to the crucial role of the gut microbiome—our body's microbial ecosystem—in cancer therapy and prevention.

    Source - Hindustan Times