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    Vikshita Vitthal Gujaran in Crypto News

    28 Feb 01:00 PM


    OpenAI accuses New York Times of hacking AI models in copyright lawsuit

    The “hacking” OpenAI mentions in the filing could also be called prompt engineering or “red-teaming,” according to The New York Times’ attorney.
    OpenAI has asked a federal judge to dismiss parts of The New York Times’ copyright lawsuit against it, arguing that the newspaper “paid someone to hack ChatGPT” and other artificial intelligence (AI) systems to generate misleading evidence for the case.

    In a Manhattan federal court filing on Monday, OpenAI stated that The NYT caused the technology to reproduce its material through “deceptive prompts that violate OpenAI’s terms of use.” OpenAI didn’t identify the individual it claims The NYT employed to manipulate its systems,avoiding accusations of the newspaper violating anti-hacking laws.

    In the filing, OpenAI said:“The allegations in the Times’s complaint do not meet its famously rigorous journalistic standards. The truth, which will come out in this case, is that the Times paid someone to hack OpenAI’s products.”