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    Asad Shaikh in Uniswap

    28 Feb 12:30 PM


    Uniswap DEX to launch web wallet extension

    "No more pop-ups. No more transaction windows," developers wrote.
    Decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap is launching a web extension for its native wallet.

    According to the Feb. 27 announcement, a waitlist is currently available for users who have claimed a uni.eth username. “We will be sharing access to the Uniswap Extension Beta in the order of username claims," the DEX said.

    "When you look at major protocols which have been hacked in the past, many have occurred due to bugs which have been introduced during protocol upgrades. While there are certainly tradeoffs to this approach, by removing setOwner we are optimizing for future security of stakers."


    Source - Coin Telegraph