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    Rajesh AK in News

    27 Feb 08:45 AM


    ‘Very little activity on the ground,’ says Bhavish Aggarwal on Uber, replying to Dara Khosrowshahi comments

    CEO of ride-hailing and cab aggregator Ola Bhavish Aggarwal said that Uber is ‘far behind in the ride-sharing business in the country,’ responding to Uber’s global CEO Dara Khosrowshahi's comment on Indian consumers, according to a report by Business Standard.

    Aggarwal said,“Ola is going nowhere. It is already doubling down and deep into India,and Mr Uber (Khosrowshahi) is behind anyway. If you see his ride-sharing revenues, our revenues were 3x of his in FY23.They are coming from behind and just talking it up,but very little activity on the ground," as quoted by Business Standard daily.

    In a recent interview with the Economic Times Khosrowshahi said that the"Indian customer is a demanding one, both in terms of service and price",adding that“it has been historically very difficult for companies which operate in higher revenue and cost scenarios to compete in low-cost and lower unit revenue markets.For us,India is not only a market with enormous potential,but it is a state of mind."