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    Vikshita Vitthal Gujaran in Bitcoin

    23 Feb 02:30 PM


    Former US President Trump no longer anti-Bitcoin, says can 'live with it'

    Users on X pointed out that Trump’s recent change in tune towards Bitcoin could be just an election related tactic to attract crypto-focused voters.

    Former United States President Donald Trump has changed his tune on Bitcoin. From being anti-Bitcoin and calling it a scam during his tenure as President, Trump now says that it is something he can live with while acknowledging its growing demand.
    During a recent interview with Fox Network, Trump was asked about his views on the rise of Chinese digital currency and whether the right way to counter it is via Bitcoin , a decentralized currency network. Trump, in response, noted that the U.S. dollar is still the top currency for him but, at the same time acknowledged the growing popularity and adoption of Bitcoin.

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    Source - Coin Telegraph