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    23 Feb 12:00 PM


    Maharashtra McDonalds under fire for ‘cheesy deception’; renames McCheese veg burger to 'Cheddar delight …’

    McDonalds, a fast food giant known for their burgers, is now facing the brunt of Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who has accused them of using substitutes in burgers and nuggets instead of real cheese, according to media reports.

    The Maharashtra FDA has accused fast food giant McDonalds of cheesy deception and said that do not use genuine cheese in the food served to their customers. According to a Times of India report, the license of McDonalds outlet in Ahmednagar has been suspended.

    The action has caused the burger joint to remove the word cheese from their menu in several locations. The Maharashtra FDA has asked McDonalds to remove the usage of word cheese from their menu nationally.

    The Maharashtra FDA had asked McDonalds to remove the usage of word cheese, which typically means the dairy product, in October 2023.

    The action against McDonald's started in Oct with an inspection of their Kedgaon branch in Ahmednagar.
    Source - Mint