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    22 Feb 09:39 AM


    Would Sam Altman's $7 trillion ask really secure our future?

    OpenAI CEO Sam Altman wants to raise $7 trillion for chip production to help AI systems, but he has yet to show AI is moving in a direction that will help us.

    OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman is reportedly seeking to raise up to $7 trillion for a project addressing the massive global shortage in semiconductor chips, prompted by the rapid growth in the demand for generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). But it’s much more than that, according to Altman:

    “We believe the world needs more AI infrastructure — fab capacity, energy, data centers, etc. — than people are currently planning to build. Building massive-scale AI infrastructure, and a resilient supply chain, is crucial to economic competitiveness. OpenAI will try to help!” Altman wrote in an X post.

    Scaling with this amount of money implies that everything will be built on GenAI, with the end goal of achieving artificial general intelligence, systems that surpass human intelligence, which is a debatable question in itself.
    And why would we need “massive-scaling” of AI infrastructure?

    “You can grind to help secure our collective future or you can write substacks about why we are going fail,” added Altman in a subsequent post.
    Is it indeed for securing “our collective future”? Or OpenAI's future?

    OpenAI needs more computing power and more datacenters (currently, it relies on Microsoft) to overcome its growth limitations, particularly the shortage of AI chips which are essential for training large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT.

    Aside from the enormous amount of money — which is more than the GDP of any country aside from the United States an China — there is something irresponsible about Altman’s “ask.”

    No technology is perfect, and AI is no exception. AI potential to bring immense benefits to society is as great as its potential to cause damage and harm. Legislators require companies to adhere to responsible AI and responsible innovation, and we, as a society, should demand it.

    Responsible innovation is the idea of making new technologies work for society without causing more problems than they solve. This applies to all technologies, all innovations, across all organizations, industries, and regions.

    Aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves? Shouldn’t we address the risks and challenges that come with AI systems, mitigating, and controlling their risks, making sure that they don’t cause more problems than they solve, before scaling them?

    Source - Coin Telegraph

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