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    Rohit Bajirao Deore in News

    16 Feb 10:00 AM


    Apple Vision Pro triggering headaches? Returns of futuristic headset on the rise

    Many users have complained of headaches, among other issues, while using the Apple Vision Pro headset, leading to a rise in returns.

    Apple's new and most expensive product till date, the Vision Pro headset, received a wild reception on its release on February 2 this year. But now, Apple fans are lining up at the stores to return the high-tech product.

    People who bought the Apple Vision Pro are returning it to the Apple store after a hoard of complaints, including headaches and vision problems, after using the product for an extended amount of time.

    #Apple Vision Pro is currently the most expensive Apple product, priced at $3499, and has a 14-day return policy, which is now being used by several customers.

    Apple's new mixed reality headset has triggered reports of headaches, vision issues and motion sickness, prompting a spike in the return of the product less than a month after its release, reported The US Sun.

    Source - Hindustan Times