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    13 Feb 10:38 AM


    Bitcoin OG who called 2021 all-time high sees $600K BTC price by 2026

    Bitcoin faces a sea of global bank bailouts in the coming years, Tuur Demeester believes — "fueling" a BTC price explosion to seven figures and beyond.
    Bitcoin will see a minimum $200,000 in the coming years and could pass half a million dollars, a popular analyst predicts.

    In his latest update on long-term BTC price action, advisor and early Bitcoin evangelist Tuur Demeester put BTC/USD at up to $600,000 by 2026.

    Demeester: Bitcoin will react to "trillions" of dollars in bailouts
    Bitcoin hitting $50,000 this week comes amid renewed belief in higher levels to come.

    Bullish BTC price arguments focus on the cathartic effect of both April’s block subsidy halving and the newly-launched spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

    While the former reduces the emission of new Bitcoin, the latter is already exerting additional pressure on the available supply.

    For Demeester, however, it is macroeconomic factors on the radar.

    “In '21 bitcoin topped at $69k,” he summarized.

    “I'm targeting $200-$600k by 2026. Fueled by $ trillions in global bailouts/stimulus.” A series of subsequent comments on X (formerly Twitter) referenced systemic problems in the U.S. banking system and governments’ future obligation to supply liquidity to halt their decline.

    This reflects a process that is already ongoing, with Cointelegraph reporting on potential risk-asset price volatility hitting in March as a result.

    Asked where he expected Bitcoin to hit its next multi-year peak, Demeester added that anywhere from 2025 onward is possible.

    On the topic of mainstream interest — so far lacking despite Bitcoin being up nearly $12,000 in under a month — he argued that $50,000 represents a watershed.

    “I expect for retail to start waking up soon,” he wrote.

    “Remember, there is no fever like bitcoin fever.”
    Demeester is well known for his decade-long contributions to the Bitcoin sphere. In 2019 and 2020, meanwhile, he correctly predicted the most recent BTC price all-time high lying between $50,000 and $100,000.

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    Not everyone believes that the future is bright for Bitcoin and altcoins.

    Source - Coin Telegraph