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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in News

    16-Jun-2023 02:42 PM


    Humans at grave risk, 42 per cent CEOs believe AI can destroy humanity in 5-10 years

    AI or artificial intelligence is the buzzword in the world of tech nowadays.
    While AI can be of benefit in various situations, there are drawbacks to it as well.
    With the advancement of AI, top tech CEOs, including Twitter and Tesla head Elon Musk, are worried about artificial intelligence taking over humanity.
    advertisement The report states that around 42 percent of CEOs and top business tycoons believe that AI has the potential to "destroy humanity five to ten years from now."
    When he was asked if AI would cause job loss, Altman said, "Every tech revolution leads to job change.
    In two generations, we can adapt to any amount of labor market change, and there are new jobs, and they are usually better.
    Source: India Today