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    Vikshita Vitthal Gujaran in News

    12-Jun-2023 10:11 AM

    One thing is clear… Apple and Meta have very different visions for the future

    When Apple announced the Vision Pro during its WWDC conference last week, many jumped to the conclusion that Cupertino’s vision for a “spatial computer” was no different to Meta’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg’s push into the Metaverse but presented differently. In fact, a large section, including Zuckerberg himself, mocked the Vision Pro for being ‘expensive’ and not ‘magical’ and ‘antisocial.’ Apple fans may be fuming over Zuckerberg’s reaction to the Vision Pro, but if you read his statement closely, it becomes clear that both Apple and Meta have very different visions of what the future holds.

    In many ways, not only do the two brands have different approaches but also different messages. While Meta completely pivoted its Metaverse strategy with a headset that will be essential to experience a singular experience (like gaming, for example), Apple took an alternate approach with the Vision Pro – it’s calling it a general computing platform that brings many experiences. The Vision Pro is a space where you experience the existing internet from a different lens. That’s where things get interesting because Apple, unlike Meta, isn’t trying to build Internet 2.0 or Metaverse which Zuckerberg describes as a fully realised digital space that exists beyond the one in which we live.