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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in News

    09-Jun-2023 02:49 PM


    Diljit Dosanjh and Taylor Swift were spotted together and Twitter can’t keep calm. Best tweets

    So, if you were not living under a rock, you probably have come across the rumors of Diljit Dosanjh and Taylor Swift’s ‘cozy date’ in Cactus Club Cafe Coal Harbour in Vancouver.
    Diljit has already made a smashing debut at one of the most coveted international music festivals, Coachella 2023.
    It is hard to understand what exactly is happening in the lives of these stars and it is necessary to give them the privacy they deserve.
    Many simply wished both Diljit and Taylor well.
    The internet is even interested in knowing the kind of ‘breakup song’ Taylor Swift may write if she chooses to date Diljit.
    Source: India Today