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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in Viral Videos

    01-Jun-2023 02:44 PM

    Bengaluru bus driver finishes lunch in traffic, netizens say ‘he can take a power nap too’

    Bengaluru traffic is famous for its long waits that test the patience of even the most experienced drivers.
    Navigating through the bustling streets and enduring the gridlock has become a daily struggle for the city’s residents.
    Every now and then, pictures and videos capturing the traffic woes faced by Bengalureans go viral on social media.
    Now, a video that has caught the attention of netizens shows a bus driver finishing his entire lunch while stuck in Bengaluru traffic.
    Not just a bite or two, he finishes his entire lunch waiting for the traffic to clear.
    Source: Hindustan Times