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    Vikshita Vitthal Gujaran in Viral Videos

    23-May-2023 07:37 AM

    5-year-old sees shark while surfing with his dad in viral video. Internet calls him irresponsible

    Five-year-old Cali was surfing with his father, Garett, and he had gone a little too far away into the water when he witnessed something unusual. The little one spotted a shark while surfing and he was taken aback, given the fact that it was humongous in size. He started shouting out loud, ‘jackpot’ to grab his father's attention. The video was shared on The Bucket List Family’s Instagram handle. It has over 7 million views.

    In the video, you can see little Cali on his paddle board in the middle of the water. Then his father lets him take the centre stage and surf on his own. It is then that he sees a shark and he is absolutely shocked. He couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. Therefore, he kept saying, “What was that?”

    “Garrett was surfing our backyard with our 5-year-old, Cali. Little Cali was on an awesome “jackpot” wave when he surfed right next to a SHARK!! Garrett didn’t believe Cali at first because it’s very rare to see sharks so close to the shore behind our house, but then our neighbour yelled to them: “I just saw a shark near you!” !!! You can see in this video that when Garrett realizes there is truly a shark nearby he does his best to stay calm (after letting out a nervous laugh;) and keep Cali calm as he paddles them both out of the area and then back to shore. Our family loves sharks but this situation seemed out of the ordinary and out of Garrett’s control. As soon as they were safely out of the water Garrett and Cali checked back from a ledge above and in fact saw the shark swimming below,” the video caption reads.

    Source - India Today