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    Vikshita Vitthal Gujaran in News

    16-May-2023 04:58 PM


    Jio-bp launches premium diesel

    Reliance BP Mobility Ltd (Jio-bp), the fuel retailing joint venture entity of Reliance Industries Ltd and the UK's BP Plc, on Tuesday, launched a new premium diesel with advanced technology that could potentially save customers up to ₹1.1 lakh per truck per year and offer a fuel economy benefit of up to 4.3 %.
    The diesel is priced at rates lower than normal or additive-free diesel sold by public sector (PSU) oil marketing companies.

    The premium diesel with so-called ACTIVE technology helps reduce the risk of unscheduled maintenance caused by dirt build up and removes existing dirt from critical engine parts and protects against the build-up with use, the company said in a statement.

    It is designed to work across a range of commercial vehicles, and with ongoing use it offers a variety of benefits to drivers and fleet owners.

    Source -Mint