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    13-May-2023 10:03 AM


    Chatrapathi Star Sreenivas Bellamkonda Explains Why "Hindi Cinema Is Something Any Actor Will Dream About"

    Chatrapathi tells the story of a protagonist who rose against oppression to become a saviour of immigrants that suffered massive exploitation

    Telugu actor Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas, is all set to make his Bollywood debut with the Hindi remake of Prabhas-SS Rajamouli's Chatrapathi. While the movie is about to hit theatres on Friday, the rising star of Telugu cinema is already in love with Hindi cinema.
    In an exclusive conversation with ANI, Sreenivas opened up about his thoughts on working in a Hindi movie, and said, "The love I had got from the Hindi audience, as my Telugu movies which got dubbed in Hindi got amazing views and I wanted to thank them in the right way by giving them a great film, so our whole team tried and worked hard. And I thought Hindi cinema is something any actor will dream about because if you wish to reach every corner then Hindi cinema is the only way."

    Bellamkonda also won the best male debut award for his Telugu film in 2015 also commented on his expectations from the film.

    "I definitely want one more. So I got the best debut film fare in 2015 for my Telugu film and again in 2023 I am very sure that I will get the best debut film fare again for the film Chatarpathi," he said.

    As the film serves a lot of action, Bellamkonda expressed how action has to be mixed with emotions in order to deliver a wonderful experience to the audience. He said, "Whenever content merges, action needs emotions. As just for the sake of action it isn't fun to do a project. As if an emotion is there then there is action, then it gets elevated. So I always believe in that as we have a high-emotion film and it is going to be great."