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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in News

    06-May-2023 11:20 AM


    Lunar Eclipse 2023 LIVE | Watch as Earth pushes the moon into darkness

    In what will be a rare astronomical event, the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligning in a straight line for a lunar eclipse to occur in the night sky.
    A lunar eclipse always occurs within two weeks of a solar eclipse.
    This is because the Earth, Moon, and Sun are all in a line during a solar eclipse, and the Moon is at the opposite end of the line during a lunar eclipse.
    This alignment means that the Moon is more likely to pass through the Earth's shadow during a lunar eclipse, creating the spectacular display of light and shadow that we see.
    Penumbral lunar eclipses are a rare celestial event because they are often difficult to observe.
    Source: India today