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    06-May-2023 06:23 AM

    Watch: Nagaland Minister Takes Inspiration From Sunny Deol's 'Border' Dialogue

    Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along, who is well-known for his amusing social media posts, knows how to keep his followers hooked.
    From posting videos showcasing the natural beauty of his state to keeping his fans updated with important life advice, his posts garner a lot of social media attention.
    and along with it, he shared a video clip from the 1997 blockbuster Hindi film "Border," in which actor Sunny Deol is saying a dialogue in Hindi, which, when translated to English, reads, "If anyone of you tries to run away after this decision, I will personally shoot that person.
    And if, god forbid, I make an attempt to flee the battleground, you can shoot me right away."
    One user commented that this person is the coolest politician in Indian history.
    "Nagaland is the place where I would like to go again and again.
    Source: NDTV