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    29-Apr-2023 03:01 PM

    13-year-old boy saves lives by stopping school bus after driver passes out

    A 13-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero after his quick thinking helped save the lives of students on a school bus.
    The image shows the boy who steered a school bus to safety after the driver passed out.(Instagram/@goodnews_movement) The video of his act along with how he saved everyone was posted on an Instagram page called Goodnews Movement. “
    The 13-year-old sprung into action just as the bus was veering into oncoming traffic,” they wrote. “
    Both the Superintendent of his school and the city mayor have recognized his heroic and life-saving efforts.
    Dillon, thank you for not hesitating for taking action and not being a bystander.
    Source: Hindustan Times