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    Vikshita Vitthal Gujaran in News

    28-Apr-2023 01:12 PM


    Startup story: How Burger Singh is competing with international food giants?

    Bored with eating the same burgers every day while working part-time at a burger joint during his university days in the United Kingdom, Kabir Jeet Singh who is now the CEO and founder of India's popular burger chain “Burger Singh" experimented with the patties by adding Indian spices to it which became an instant hit among his friends.
    Sharing the success story with Livemint, Kabir Jeet Singh said, "The monotony of eating the same burgers every day made me experiment by adding Indian spices to the patties, which became an instant hit with my friends who gave me the moniker “Burger Singh".
    “This level of flexibility and consumer-centric service is something unique to #BurgerSingh when you compare our menu offerings to other international players in the industry."
    Recently, they have expanded rapidly in these cities to establish the food chain's presence in 14 states and 56 cities.
    Burger Singh started with an investment of around INR 40 lakh and further raised funding from several investors, including private equity firms and angel investors.
    “The company’s revenue has seen steady growth, going from 29.1 crores in FY 22 to 57.92 crores in FY 23.

    Source - Mint