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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in Viral Videos

    21-Apr-2023 06:41 AM

    Dog urges pet parent to give food to little sister first

    The videos of dog siblings shared on social media often show them fighting with each other or irritating one another for no good reason.
    The image shows the dog who wanted his pet parent to give food to his little sister first.(Instagram/@bookiedoggo) The video is posted on the Instagram page dedicated to the dog named Bookie. “
    To, the dog pats the other pooch resting its head on the table, and urges the human to give the food to her first.
    Since being posted, the clip has accumulated close to 5.1 million views and the numbers are only increasing.
    Dogs are so sweet and kind to each other.
    I’m going to get me a puppy,” wrote a sixth.
    Source: Hindustan Times