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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in News

    18-Apr-2023 11:04 AM


    Explained: Why heatwaves are bad for India’s economy

    It will be a crucial year for India’s economy at a time when geopolitical tensions, rising global uncertainties, a brewing banking crisis, and inflation have hurt major economic superpowers in the West.
    But there is one factor that could play spoilsport.
    This can be damaging to the economy as a whole, leading to reduced consumer spending, lower economic growth, and increased economic inequality.
    Power-related disruptions Last but not least, heatwaves can put a strain on the energy sector, particularly the power grid.
    A report, based on an internal note by the central grid regulator, indicated that the country faces the risk of rising blackouts in summer due to rising power demand.
    Source: India Today