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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in News

    14-Apr-2023 04:40 PM


    This laundry store in US gives free service to unemployed people. Humanity still exists, says Internet

    In today's dose of heartwarming content, we have a story about kindness that will surely make you smile.
    So, a laundry store in Oklahoma provides free service for anyone who is unemployed.
    A post of the same was shared by Good News Movement and you should definitely check it out.
    See the post here: "I believe in humanity.
    Another user commented, "To have someone offer help without needing to ask, to feel confident about how you’re presenting yourself in interviews during a time when confidence can take a serious hit — even if these things aren’t everything you need, they do matter SO much."
    See the comments here: Such a heartwarming gesture!
    Source: India Today