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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in News

    31-Mar-2023 05:10 PM


    ChatGPT CEO Plans To Visit India: Here's Why

    Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI and the man of ChatGPT has scheduled a world tour for the months of May and June 2023.
    16 cities, including Toronto, Washington, DC, Rio de Janeiro, Lagos, Madrid, Brussels, Munich, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Dubai, New Delhi, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo, will be included in Sam Altman's forthcoming world tour, which will take place across five continents. (
    Also Read: Man Loses Apple Watch In Sea, Finds Days After In Working Condition - Here's How) In order to gather opinions and thoughts on artificial intelligence, the CEO of OpenAI intends to meet with decision-makers and deliver speeches in some of these locations (AI). (
    The form asks for basic information like a person's name and email address as well as why they want to meet with Altman.
    Altman is a key person in the AI revolution, and his ideas and suggestions are likely to have a significant impact on how mankind develops in the future.
    Source: ZeeNews