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    Vikshita Vitthal Gujaran in News

    21-Mar-2023 01:22 PM


    US's Idaho poised to allow firing-squad executions in some cases

    #US's Idaho is set to bring in law to allow firing squads to execute condemned inmates when the state can’t get lethal-injection drugs.
    The move by Idaho lawmakers is in line with those by other states that in recent years have scrambled to revive older methods of execution because of difficulties obtaining drugs required for longstanding lethal injection programs.
    Pharmaceutical companies increasingly have barred executioners from using their drugs, saying they were meant to save lives, not take them.
    Some lawyers for federal inmates who were eventually put to death argued in court that firing squads actually would be quicker and cause less pain than pentobarbital, which they said causes a sensation akin to drowning.
    Garland did not say how long the moratorium will last.
    “I’ve got to say at the same time, my thoughts go to staff members that may have to carry out something, per law, that looks like putting someone to death,” Kempf told the AP during a phone interview earlier this month. “

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