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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in Crypto News

    18-Mar-2023 06:29 PM


    Euler Finance hacker starts returning stolen Ether

    The recent attack that drained $197 million from Euler Finance was dubbed the biggest decentralized finance (DeFi) hack of 2023 so far.
    However, this may not hold for much longer as the hacker reportedly had a change of heart.
    On March 18, roughly 3,000 Ether (ETH) ($5.4 million) were returned to Euler Finance’s deployer address from the Euler Finance hacker’s address.
    Blockchain investigator PeckShield identified three transactions that were used to send the funds.
    Euler Labs (@eulerfinance) March 15, 2023 The exploiter was able to drain $197 million through multiple transactions and later used a multichain bridge to transfer the funds from the BNB Chain to Ethereum.
    Euler Finance demanded that the hacker return 90% of the funds within 24 hours to avoid possible jail time.
    Source: Cointelegraph