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    Vikshita Vitthal Gujaran in News

    08-Mar-2023 02:39 PM


    'PeeGate' And Random Risks To Reputation

    Randomness or the quality of being random lies in the lack of predictability or a pattern.
    Random events can trigger life-altering effects.
    Taleb makes a statement around the bigger role of uncertainty, probability, and randomness - some may call it 'chance' in our lives and businesses - and how humans try to clothe random events with reason, making them appear non-random.
    The acquisition of the airline was done with goodwill and as an ethical and fair organisation, Tata did assume responsibility.
    It is imperative that the new management sets guidelines or standards, at least for in-house handling of situations.
    A business acquiring another can specify that it will not be responsible for any incident that impacts the goodwill or reputation of the original firm.

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