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    Diksha D Jadhav in Viral Videos

    06-Mar-2023 06:20 AM

    ISS shares breathtakingly beautiful video of aurora after its pic by NASA astronaut goes viral

    Auroras are dynamic patterns of brilliant lights dancing in the sky that have fascinated humans for ages.
    In fact, the incredible videos and images of the natural phenomenon shared on social media, never fail to mesmerize people.
    One such example is a recent viral image taken from Nasa astronaut Josh Cassada.
    ISS took to its official Instagram page to share the video. ‘
    There is no part of the planet that isn’t absolutely beautiful…’ NASA astronaut Josh Cassada on seeing the incredible views of the aurora with his Exp 68 crewmates,” they wrote as they posted the video.
    Additionally, the share has received close to 49,000 likes.
    Source: Hindustan Times