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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in Viral Videos

    02-Mar-2023 08:52 AM

    ''When Marathi Meets Kannada'': Comedian's Hilarious Video On Language Barrier Amuses Internet

    She plays both a Kannada-speaking woman as well as Marathi speaking cop in the video Comedian Shraddha Jain whose hilarious take on tech sector layoffs went viral on social media has come up with another fun skit.
    This time, Ms. Jain, who is famous as 'Aiyyo Shraddha' on social media shared a video emphasizing how Indians always come up with a way to understand each other despite the language barrier.
    One user wrote, ''Someone Make a Netflix series on her as the main character..'' Another said, ''Love, love, love it.. and absolutely loved that “ English” was supporting actor and the “Indian languages “ were heroes!
    A fifth added, ''Though I don't understand both languages, it is so mesmerizing to watch you act.''
    She also recently met UK Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt.
    Source: NDTV

    • Diksha D Jadhav