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    Vikshita Vitthal Gujaran in News

    23-Jan-2023 08:41 AM


    Flu, pneumonia shots see surge in uptake after COVID-19 pandemic

    Another study among healthcare workers in a north Indian city in India showed about 40 percent vaccination uptake if pre- employment mandatory vaccinations were excluded The uptake of flu and pneumonia shots, recommended for the elderly and those with low immunity, has increased dramatically in India over the last two years amid a rise in cases of pneumococcal sepsis being reported.
    Pulmonologists and critical care specialists spread across the country say that unlike earlier times, when less than 30-40 percent of those recommended for vaccination actually received it, this number has gone up to 90 percent now.
    People who need flu and pneumonia vaccines According to senior pulmonologist Dr Rohit Caroli, who is based in Noida, the flu vaccine is offered to all kids aged 2-10 years.
    It is also recommended to females aged 55 years and above and all males above 60 years.
    “However, among the elderly, influenza vaccination may be less effective in preventing illness but reduces the severity of disease and incidence of complications and deaths,” it says.
    Dr Sreenivasan V, consultant and interventional pulmonologist with Gleneagles Global Health City, said that due to rapid climatic changes worldwide, the steep rise in incidence of influenza infections in all age groups, especially in risk groups, is very high, so the flu vaccine is really helpful.

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