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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in Introduction to Blockchain Technology

    23-Jan-2023 07:23 AM


    What is public blockchain & Features of public blockchain?

    A public blockchain is a type of network where anyone can join in and participate. This means that anyone can read, write, or do other things on the blockchain. Public blockchains are not controlled by any one person or group. They are also secure because once something is put on the blockchain, it cannot be changed. This makes public blockchains a good option for things like storing important information or making sure that financial transactions are done fairly.

    A public blockchain is a type of network that is open for anyone to join and use. It has several features that make it special, such as:

    High security: it is very hard to hack or cheat because of the way it is built.
    Open environment: anyone can join and use it.
    Anonymous nature: people can use it without sharing their real name or identity.
    No regulations: there are no rules that people have to follow, so they can use it in any way they want.
    Full transparency: everyone can see what is happening on the network.
    True decentralization: no one controls the network, it is run by all the people who use it.
    Full user empowerment: users can do what they want without needing permission from anyone else.
    Immutable: once something is written on the blockchain, it cannot be changed.
    Distributed: the database is not kept in one place but is spread out among all the people who use the network.
    Source: geeksforgeeks