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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in Viral Videos

    23-Jan-2023 06:05 AM

    Huge Burmese Python Caught By Florida Man With Bare Hands! Watch Chilling Video Of The 88-Pound Snake

    Snake catcher Josh Turner of the Everglades Python Snatchers caught an enormous 16 feet Burmese python with his bare hands.
    The serpent was found slithering around in the bushes at the Big Cypress National Reserve in the South of Florida.
    The reptile catcher caught the 88-pound with lots of hustle-bustle, and the heart-stopping video of the same was shared on Facebook.
    The caption of the footage has something to say about these species of vipers, "They have devastated the native wildlife, and every snake removed helps save hundreds of native wildlife over the course of the snakes life."