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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in Crypto News

    10-Jan-2023 12:16 PM


    5 sneaky tricks crypto phishing scammers used last year: SlowMist

    Blockchain security firm SlowMist has highlighted five common phishing techniques crypto scammers used on victims in 2022, including malicious browser bookmarks, phony sales orders and Trojan malware spread on the messaging app Discord.
    The security firm recorded a total of 303 blockchain security incidents over the year, with 31.6% of these incidents caused by phishing, rug pull, or other scams, according to SlowMist’s Jan. 9 report.
    A pie chart of attack methods in 2022 in percentages.
    "By inserting JavaScript code into bookmarks through these phishing pages, attackers can potentially gain access to a Discord user’s information and take over the permissions of a project owner’s account,” the firm wrote.
    An example of the RedLine Stealer in action.
    The goal is to trick users into accidentally copying the wrong address in their transfer history.
    Source: Cointelegraph