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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in Viral Videos

    06-Jan-2023 05:27 AM

    "Popcorn Bae", "Butter King": Theatre Employee Goes Viral For Unique Popcorn-Making Skill

    Food vendors from around the world have gone viral for the peculiar ways they prepare and serve food.
    But, there is a new addition to this list that is gaining traction – Butter King.
    An employee at a movie theatre in the US has won hearts online with his unique style of preparing butter popcorn.
    He then stacks another layer of popcorn, again pours some butter, and spins the bucket before repeating the whole process until the order is made.
    You're crushing it, Jason,” the video was captioned on Twitter.
    This man is doing the Lord's work,” another said.
    Source: NDTV