QTO listing

QTO listing announcement on Cointiger
(Message from Lobstex Team)
Dear Community,
Firstly, thanks to all for sticking with us for long and making Lobstex (LOBS) a global decentralized currency in true sense. It's been 4 years since Lobs launched and we are grateful to you all. However, Lobstex team have decided to withdraw from the project due to lack of proper use case for our currency. In lieu of that, a new Team Qoneqt (QToken - Ethereum based) is taking over the project from us fully. They are in development of their platform https://qoneqt.com/ from more than one year and they are prepared to introduce QToken by swapping the existing LOBS token. Our best wishes to Qoneqt Team.
Procedure for swaping on Cointiger will be automatic in the ratio of 1:3, i.e. 1 Lobs to 3 QTO.
Introduction of Qoneqt
Qoneqt is the first verified social community platform utilizing web 3.0. They are one of the pioneers in surface web and Social Tokens. Qoneqt intends to bring autheticity in communication between communities and individuals online with real faces. No fake profiles or bots allowed on the platform. Qoneqt is a social community platform which allows only verified users on the platform. Smart Contracts on platform audited by Quillhash Team and have applied for ISO certification.
Website: https://qoneqt.com/
Twitter: @qoneqtapp
Telegram: https://t.me/qoneqt
Instagram: qoneqtapp
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/qoneqt
Ethereum Smart Contract (QToken): 0xea01906843ea8d910658a2c485ffce7c104ab2b6
QToken Symbol: QTO
SWAP (LOBS to QTO) Procedure - Ratio: 1 LOBS = 3 QTO

As the swap procedure on Cointiger is automatic, all the Lobs holders will receive 3x QTO tokens in their cointiger wallet. Thanks