Morning Docket: 06.17.24 - Qoneqt
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    17 Jun 07:22 PM


    Morning Docket: 06.17.24

    * Law firms increasingly look to lateral whole groups at a time. [American Lawyer]n* Attorney for the lawyer suing Netflix over Baby Reindeer thinks they can win. [Hollywood Reporter]n* Lawyer shows up drunk to DUI sentencing. [CBS News]n* Congress keeps throwing around contempt and its mostly making voters roll their eyes. [NPR]n* Sixth Circuit strikes down Department of Education protections for LGBTQ students. [Reuters]n* Opioid lawyers selling off fees as a security. [Bloomberg Law News]n* Judge calls TicketMasters arbitration regime "cockamamie." Its hard to read tea leaves, but that doesnt seem so great for them. [Law360]nThe post Morning Docket: 06.17.24 appeared first on Above the Law.n