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    14 Jun 04:51 PM


    Polymer Science and Engineering: A Lesser-Known Course With Big Advantages

    While students often pursue engineering in common branches like mechanical, civil, electronics and communication, electrical and computer science, some lesser-known courses are gaining significant traction among job aspirants. One such course is polymer and process engineering, which produces skilled manpower for the polymer industry. This course offers various career opportunities in fields such as polymer manufacturing, research and development, quality control, and product design. The program is designed to provide resources for the plastics industry, focusing on subjects such as allied chemical, petrochemical industries, and applied sciences.

    IIT Delhi, Delhi University, IIT Guwahati, Mysore University, and JSS Science and Technology University are prominent institutions that offer various undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD programs in this field.

    IIT Roorkee: A Leading Institute in Polymer Science and Engineering
    The Department of Polymer and Process Engineering (DPPE) at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR) is an academic unit located on the Saharanpur campus. Renowned for its comprehensive approach, the department engages in both fundamental and applied research across various disciplines, including polymer science, polymer engineering, process engineering, and chemical engineering. This multidisciplinary focus enables DPPE to contribute to advancements in technology and industry, promoting innovation and development in these critical fields. The department currently offers a two-year MTech program, training students to work in the industry.

    Source- NDTV