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    14 Jun 04:56 AM


    Stupidity Saves The Day! — See Also

    Dumb Argument Gets Knocked Down At Supreme Court: Abortion medication survives! For now.nOklahoma Supreme Court Denies Reparations To Tulsa Massacre Survivors: So much for redress.nThe Lesson Plans Write Themselves: The YSL RICO case is an easy lay-up for law professors.nBig Money!: Boutique firm spreads the winnings with bonuses.nUnsurprisingly, Clarence Thomas Forgot To Disclose Again: There will probably be a follow-up to this story too.nAlito Complains About ~$6M In Little Things: Hes got a bone to pick with good journalism.nThe post Stupidity Saves The Day! — See Also appeared first on Above the Law.n