Morning Docket: 06.11.24 - Qoneqt
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    11 Jun 06:43 PM


    Morning Docket: 06.11.24

    * Jury pins terrorism deaths on fruit company doing what fruit companies have done for the better part of a century. [ International]n* Is there a Trump motion so legally flimsy that even Aileen Cannon cant grant it? Apparently yes! [Law360]n* The Supreme Courts activist turn is leaving a muddle of the law in all the areas that arent of interest to right-wing dark money. [Slate]n* Corporate lawyer becomes advocate for those facing eviction. [Texas Monthly]n* As Biglaw systematically withdraws from China, a top Hong Kong judge departs his post, warning that the city is transitioning into a totalitarian state. [Financial Times] n* Businesses challenging overtime rules are likely to make things worse for themselves. [Bloomberg Law News]n* Fifth Circuit declines to artificially seize upon a headline by resisting the urge to impose half-baked regulations on the use of generative AI. [Reuters]nThe post Morning Docket: 06.11.24 appeared first on Above the Law.n