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    Sonal Shridhar Shinde in News

    12-Jun-2023 10:03 AM

    Sherpa’s Incredible Rescue From Everest Crevasse: Watch

    For decades, adventurers and climbers from around the globe have flocked to Mount Everest, aiming to conquer the summit of the world's tallest mountain range.
    Although such incidents are not uncommon, particularly during the climbing season, they often fail to capture widespread media attention.
    To further highlight this inspiring rescue, Tamang took to Twitter, sharing a video of the mission, garnering a lot of appreciation from netizens.
    During every climbing season on Mount Everest, many brave rescues take place.
    The media tends to focus and highlight the rescues involving clients and foreign climbers, but there are lesser-known stories, such as this one, where a sherpa’s life is saved," Tamang added.
    Source: ZeeNews